Thursday, 24 October 2013

Day 8 - Cardio Power & Resistance...(the start of week 2!)

As usual I got up early, at 5:45am this morning and started my routine, however I had to stop after a couple of minutes as I had terrible stomach ache. I tried a few times to resume the workout but the ache wouldn't go (it wasn't muscular or a strain but like aches you get when you have an upset tummy)... I decided to leave it but with the hope of carrying out the workout later on in the day when hopefully my stomach would be feeling better.

I am pleased to report as the day progressed I started to feel better and I felt completely back to normal by the time I got home from work at 4:45pm. So before I did anything else, I got changed and completed today's workout: Cardio Power & Resistance - wow, really, really, really hard work! I did have to take the occasional break but I got through it and I am so pleased as I was slightly worried this morning that I would have to miss the session. So, day 1 of week 2 now successfully completed!

Looking forward to tomorrow's early morning session of Pure Cardio!

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