Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Day 13 - Pure Cardio

I really struggled to get up early again today but forced myself as I knew that this morning was the only opportunity that I would get today to do a workout. I am struggling to sleep at the moment, I just think I have too much on my mind and I am therefore struggling to switch off when I go to bed. I'm hoping going to bed earlier and doing some relaxation/breathing exercises and some meditation prior to sleeping will help!

Anyway, as soon as I pressed play on the DVD and Shaun T started talking to me, I felt motivated and full of energy. Today's workout: Pure Cardio is really tough (I should stop saying this really as all of them are EXTREMELY tough apart from the 'Cardio Recovery' one!)...but I felt great this morning, I still had to take the occasional break but I am definitely getting stronger.

Tomorrow is my rest day and I am looking forward to it, although I may go to the gym and do a swim or go for a walk just to get some gentle exercise - nothing too strenuous. Also tomorrow I will take my measurements again, jump on the scales and also take some more photos to update my records. Then on Thursday its my second fit test! I don't think my measurements will have changed much or maybe not at all but I do think that I will see progress  in my fit test (fingers crossed!). At the beginning of the week I was slightly concerned about my weight going up by 3lbs so I am also hoping that the scales will be kinder when I weigh myself tomorrow!

...and only 49 days left...

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