Sunday, 20 October 2013

Day 4 - Cardio Recovry

Another session completed for the week (and as I write this its still only 8:10am!), loving these early morning routines and feeling really good with my progress so far. Today's session was a recovery session, so no cardio at all just stretching and's session was more like a pilates or yoga class and was great! I really need these sorts of sessions mixed up with the cardio to improve my flexibility. One thing I noticed today is that my balance really isn't very good. I am better balancing on my left leg than my right - hopefully as my core strengthens my balance will improve too.

Back to a high intensity session tomorrow - bring it on! :-)

Week 1's schedule so far (my tick list!):
Thursday (17/10/13): Fit Test 1 - COMPLETE
Friday (18/10/13): Plyometric Cardio Circuit - COMPLETE
Saturday (19/10/13): Cardio Power & Resistance -COMPLETE
Sunday (20/10/13): Cardio Recovery - COMPLETE
Monday (21/10/13): Pure Cardio
Tuesday (22/10/13): Plyometric Cardio Circuit
Wednesday (23/10/13): Rest day 

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