Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Day 7 – Rest day and week 1 round up

I have had a great first week doing the Insanity workout. Six consecutive days of full-on high intensity exercise – just great!

This morning when the alarm went off it felt strange not getting myself sorted for another 40 minutes of tough exercising but I must admit I am quite grateful for the rest today. I think my body is getting used to the new movements and I certainly don’t ache as much now as I did after days 1 and 2….but I think it will do me good to rest today to recharge my batteries and if nothing else having a day off will probably inspire me to push myself even harder when I am back at it tomorrow morning!

The only strange thing is that I seem to have put weight on (I know…I wasn’t going to get on the scales until day 15 and my second fit test but I just couldn’t resist seeing if there had been any change) – well to my surprise I am now 3lbs heavier than I was when I started! I am not panicking just yet as I don’t feel heavier, if anything I am starting to feel more toned and lean, so maybe this is something to expect whilst my body settles into the workout properly?? muscle weighing heavier than fat and all that?? Anyway, it has spurred me on in terms of being even stricter with my diet from now on!

Tomorrow I am doing the Cardio Power & Resistance workout - so I am looking forward to that. This was tough when I did it last Saturday so this is definitely a good one to start off my second week! 

The following shows my schedule for the whole of the first month.

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