Monday, 21 October 2013

Day 5 - Pure Cardio

Wow, what a great start to the week - an early morning 'Insanity - Pure Cardio' session!

I am also starting to find getting up earlier is easier than it was when I started this programme last week. Getting a fantastic exercise session completed whilst others are still asleep does feel good. It makes me feel that I have really achieved something before the true day has started and I am therefore ahead of the game! 

Today's session was hard, I had to take quite a few breaks and the pace seemed to be amazingly fast at points but I stuck at it and finished it feeling like I had done an OK job. I did have a concern that whilst stretching I had perhaps pulled the muscle in my left inner thigh as it was aching and a little painful, however as I continued with the drills the pain subsided and I am now just left with a minor ache, so not too concerned as I have aches all over! - this I knew would be the case this week and probably next week whilst my body adapts to the new moves that it is being asked to do. I will however be keeping an eye on this 'twinge' as I don't want anything to stop me from completing this 60 day programme. 

Tomorrow is my final day of the first week and it will be another 'Plyometric Cardio Circuit' session. 

Week 1's schedule so far (my tick list!):
Thursday (17/10/13): Fit Test 1 - COMPLETE
Friday (18/10/13): Plyometric Cardio Circuit - COMPLETE
Saturday (19/10/13): Cardio Power & Resistance -COMPLETE
Sunday (20/10/13): Cardio Recovery - COMPLETE
Monday (21/10/13): Pure Cardio - COMPLETE
Tuesday (22/10/13): Plyometric Cardio Circuit
Wednesday (23/10/13): Rest day 

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