Monday, 11 November 2013

Days 22, 23, 24, 25 and 26 - Still on track!

All is still going to plan and I have managed to keep up with the routine, I have just struggled to find time to update my blog over the past few days!

I am also getting back into my healthy eating habits and really enjoying cooking with lots of fresh, organic and healthy vegetables :-)

Tomorrow I am scheduled to do the Pure Cardio workout, the toughest of them all and I am looking forward to it!

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Day 21 - Early morning "Pure Cardio"!

I got up early again this morning and completed today's workout: Pure Cardio. This is probably the toughest workout for me with the Plyometric one coming in at a close second. However this morning I felt great and really did push myself to my limits. I am starting to really get used to the movements which I think is helping me with my form. I still have to stop and rest and the 'drills' are still very challenging; my arm strength, although better than when I started, its still my weakest area so I do find myself having to adapt the push-up type drill exercises...but I am getting better. 

The biggest area of focus for me now is my food intake and nutrition. I have started to use again to track what I am eating and drinking and I have started to cook myself some 'clean and lean' meals using mostly vegetables (from my Riverford Organic Food veg box that I get delivered each week). I am getting back into the nutritional routine that I was doing earlier in the year, when I lost quite a bit of weight. I hope to combine the benefits I got earlier in the year from healthy eating with my workout challenge so that when I have finished this challenge in December I will be in the best shape of my life! 

I have also sorted out my workout schedule so that I can catch up on the now two additional rest days that I have taken this week. So I am still scheduled to finish this superb challenge on the 18th December (41 days to go)!

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Day 20 - Back into the workout saddle...

So this morning I got back into my early morning routine and did the Plyometric Cardio Circuits workout. It was tough (but it always is) but it felt good to be back working out. I just hope that I haven't lost too much fitness having had three rest days! Its my intention to catch up on the three lost days over the coming few weeks (e.g. I am not taking my scheduled rest day tomorrow) and then hopefully I can still finish the challenge on the 18th December. If I can't catch up fully then I will just add the remaining days to the end - either way I will finish the challenge just before Christmas!

42 days to go... (+ or - a couple of days!)

Monday, 4 November 2013

Day 17, 18 and 19 - Rest days

Due to being away for a few days this week (and hence having three enforced rest days) I feel ready to get back into my morning workout routine. Plyometric Cardio Circuits tomorrow :-)

Friday, 1 November 2013

Day 16 - Early morning Plyometric Cardio Circuits!

As we are going away for a few days, I got up early this morning and did my workout. Tough Plyometric Cardio Circuits! Even though I got up early I felt really ready for my workout this morning. Just great! Going to miss not doing anything tomorrow morning but looking forward to a few days away. I am hoping we can get some swimming in too whilst we are away. Then it will be catch up time when we get back! Still really enjoying this challenge :-)

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Thursday, 31 October 2013

Day 15 - Rest day

Rest day today and I really needed it as I felt quite tired and sluggish today, its probably because I did 7 days in a row instead of the 6...anyway I feel rested now and I'm raring to go tomorrow morning with my Plyometric Cardio Circuit :-)

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Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Day 14 - It should have been a rest day but...

...I have had a change of plan! as we are going away for a couple of days this weekend I decided that it would be best to switch things around so that my rest days were at the weekend - 1) because it means that I don't have to struggle in a hotel room trying to find the space to do my workouts and 2) so that it doesn't interfere with my husband and daughters weekend too! So instead of resting this morning I was up bright and early again (this time with a little more ease!) and I did my second fit test. I must admit I was a little apprehensive as I wasn't sure that my fitness had improved enough to get better results this time around, however I was pleasantly surprised. I did better in ALL of the exercises, some better than others but all the same I am so pleased to see this progress and it has spurred me on to give even more in the weeks ahead :-)

In addition to the fit test I also took my measurements and as I thought no change at all really, other than I have lost an inch off of my waist (again progress! Yay!) and the scales, well...they gave the same reading as last time I got on them, so I am still 3lbs heavier than when I started the challenge but thankfully no more heavier than that! I have subsequently read in the nutritional guide that you shouldn't view progress in terms of the scales so I am trusting in this and that this is normal and what I should expect!  after all I must be doing something good if my fit test results are better and I have lost an inch off of my waist!!! 

My daughter also took some more photos, and although I haven't analysed them thoroughly, from an initial glance, it looks like my muscle tone in some places is a little better (especially around my core)! and although I am shy to share all the photos I am happy to share this one as I think it shows the most improvement made in the last two weeks! 

So for Halloween tomorrow, I will be doing the Plyometric Cardio Circuit - bring it on! :-)